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When someone suddenly and rudely interrupts you or someone else because they think what you or someone else said, thinks, or believes is Wrong but, after they are done they continue to let you speak Much like when Kayne West Interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA's to say Beyonce's song was better then hers then continued to let her speak or when Joe Wilson yelled "YOU LIE!!" during President Obama's Congressional Speech. The ed can be changed to Ing to make it Kayneing.
J.J: So that is why I think Tupac is the best rapper ever and that
Mark: NO! Biggie Was wayyyyy better than Tupac.
J.J: WOW, Thanks for Kayneing me Mark.


Sam: cod 4 is way better than WaW and is So much better than.
Jack: WHAT!?!?!, cod 4 sucks Killzone 2 is so much better in every way.
Mike: Sam you just got Kayned
by Theblackness September 29, 2009
OSTTL stands for OH SHIT Time to Leave. Which is most commonly said during bad situations.
Kevin: Oh Fuck the cops are here.

Dylan: OSTTL.

Kevin: I hear that.
by theblackness February 25, 2010
Why do you ask?
Chelsea: What are you doing this weekend?

Ty: Going to see Iron man 2 WDYA?

Chelsea: Oh, Just being nebby
by theblackness May 15, 2010
Someone who talks shit on the internet (Usually Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter.) but, won't say the stuff to your face because they would get their ass kicked.
From Nappy Boy Remix:

T-pain "You gunna hate on me on twitter right you an Internet G like Gigabyte"
by theblackness March 13, 2010
A person you invite on a date not because they like you but, because if you don't they'll be the Third Wheel. After this date they'll most likely never talk to you again and push you to the side.
Henry:Yeah I finally am going out on a date with Jamie.

Andy:Dude, I wouldn't be so happy the only reason she's doing this is because she doesn't want to be the Third Wheel.

Henry: So I'm just a..

Andy: Yep sorry dude your just a Spare Wheel.
by Theblackness December 27, 2009
No It doesn't mean fuck. Its a British food Show hosted by Chef Gordan Ramsay. The show revolves around different food themes and recipes. Segments include Women in the Kitchen, cook-offs with Ramsay, challenges, and Gordan's livestock that he ends up serving on the series finale.
Person 1: So do you watch 30 min meals
Person 2: Fuck that show I watch a real cooking show I watch the F Word
by Theblackness July 03, 2009
When someone you know Drives by you either while you are in a car driving somewhere or Walking somewhere. They see you and decide to call you for simple reason that they just saw you.
-Phone Rings-

Steve: Hello

Bobbo:Yo Steve I just drove by you.

Steve: And?

Bobbo: Oh, Well I justed wanted tell you that I saw you.

Steve: Well thanks for the Call By Bobbo. -Click-
by Theblackness December 31, 2009

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