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The only thing on TV in Hell, mostly reruns with no good humor and it brainwashes little kids so that they have the same crappy sense of humor as the show. They use laughmachines to make kids think something is funny thus developing the bad sense of humor. Also is very effective at killing braincells.

A long time ago it played good shows (chip n' dale rescue rangers, Tale spin, duck tales, and old Disney cartoons) but apparently Satan possed whoever runs Disney Channel and decided to attempt to ruin TV and music.

All stars that are on this channel think they can sing for some reason, such as Hilary Duff, the fat black kid from Cory in the house, Christy Carlson ramaro, Salena Gomez, Hannah Montana, and last and worst the Jonas Brothers

Furthermore, one of the most awful things to be ever called a movie, High School Musical is the sinful spawn of this channel. Had the disastrous result of launching Zac effron and Vanessa Hudgens (add both to list of crappy singers) to fame

This Channel tries to hide it but it has launched the careers of basic whores such as Britney Spears and the porn star known as Vanessa Hudgens (she sent naked pictures of herself to Drake Bell and Disney slapped her on the wrist)

The only thing kids from 7-14 (esp girls) watch and would probably do anything the channel tells them to do
Satan: Disney Channel is working marveoulously in destroying music and the sense of humor, soon the world population of young children will be mine!

Smart person: Do not watch Disney channel it will fuck you up if you are to young to see how terrible and evil it is

Little Kid: I love Disney Channel!! HA HA HA HA, YEAH ME !!!!! that is so FUNNY!

Person: What is that crap on the radio
Person 2: its those damn disney channel stars that think they can sing
by theblaackKnight July 26, 2009

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