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To shun one away from the rest of a group
We should ostracise Compton the Salesman for trying to be funny but instead revealing that hes an idiot.
by thebeaver July 22, 2005
A type of overgeneralization towards any group of peoples or places. (e.g. americans = arrogant)

Most stereotypes are used on ethnicities and are usually negative, however many contain a bit of truth in them.

The most common stereotypes are (and my rating in accuracy 5=most accurate, 1=least accurate):

Black - thugs, gangsters, criminals, rappers, carries alot of jewelry, speaks in ebonics (thug language), armed (e.g. with a gat)
Accuracy = 3.5

White - spoiled, arrogant, useless, racists, rockers
Accuracy = 2.5

Asian - rich, skinny or chubby, smart in math and sciences, stupid in english and humanities, drives souped up cars (e.g. Honda), skinny eyes, short, wannabes, nerdy
Accuracy = 3

Indian - Muslim (therefore terrorists, suicide bombers), smelly, steals stuff, massive accent, keeners
Accuracy = 2.5

Jewish (white but somehow differs from other whites) - greedy, cheap, huge noses, backstabbers, rich
Accuracy = 3.5
An example of how stereotypes are used every day:

Hey look, there's a Muslim woman in a cloak. She must be carrying a bomb.
-Mark (a friend of mine)

The damn jew stole ripped me off! What we need is another holocaust.
-Mark (yes, hes a racist)
by thebeaver July 22, 2005
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