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when you or someone else comments on a wall post or photo, and is meant for no reply, but you decide to reply and then they reply and it keeps going. This irritates the other people whom either left one comment or a like. Their notifications build up and they explode on you telling you and the other participator of the war to stop; which only tempts both of you to keep going until that person is smart enough to delete their comment or unlike the post in order to put an end to the notifications.
John Smith > Mary Jane

hey are we going to the movies?

you (Gary Field) and Ken Starr like this.
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Gary Field-idc do we still have wrestling prac on sat?.
Ken Starr-idk man ill check tomorrow..do u remember what coach said to bring?
Gary Field- nah bro sorry
Mary Jane- STFUU go talk about this on ur own walls! omfg!
Kevin Starr- wow hha way to be a dick and make it a comment war ahaha
by thebeast1x February 24, 2011

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