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3 definitions by thebeardedblacksmith

A popular punk venue in Kingston, Pennsylvania until around 2008. Backstage has hosted bands such as Agnostic Front, Cold As Life, Goatwhore, High On Fire, Madball, Regurgitate, Unearth as well as other nationally known metal, hardcore, punk, and pop punk acts.
Punk kid: Dude, now that both Backstage and Metro are shut down the scene here is fucking dead.
by thebeardedblacksmith February 12, 2013
When someone uses the 'cat face' emoticon ":3" at a time when it's not really appropriate, much to the annoyance of the people receiving the text.
Example 1:
Joe (texting): Hey man, do you think you'll be able to pick me up after the show?
Ricardo (texting back): :3
Dave (to Joe): Looks like you just got catfaced.

Example 2:
Joe: Hey, want to go out for a beer later on?
Ricardo: :3
Joe: Yeah, that doesn't help me.
by thebeardedblacksmith February 12, 2013
To engage in unwanted sexual intercourse, but not so unwanted that it's rape.
Prostitute: "Looks like I'm taking the bend again tonight."
by thebeardedblacksmith February 03, 2013