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a small town in connecticut ruled by old republicans, but mainly consists of stoners and poor people. mostly everyone in this godforsaken town hates it.

the historical society is a very popular field trip, since windsor was the first town in connecticut, but everyone in windsor knows that, and doesnt need a yearly trip to the towns churches and cemitaries to learn this.

windsor is famous for its tobacco, and many kids looking for a summer job go to the fields. but, then again, many turn away because of all the mexicans. (no offense)

over all, windsor has absolutely nothing to do. thats exactly why half the town finds recreation in drugs. if you find yourself in windsor, get out before you die of boredom.
"hey man, you going to windsor this saturday?"
"nah, why would i go to that dump?"
"yeah man, what the fuck was i thinking?"
by theatregirl321 June 20, 2009

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