9 definitions by theamazingbender

a guy/girl(mainly girls) that whine and bitch about how hot it is or that their clothes werent expensive enough. These shit-faced whores mainly wear hollister and love hawthorne heights. Male hollister whores are usually gay.
Look at that queer ass hollister whore, makes me motherfucking sick that god allows these people to live
by theamazingbender October 26, 2006
A horrible excuse for HIM fans to spam up metal boards. Seriously, "LOVE METAL?!" what the fuck?! Thats like calling "My Chemical Romance" Love Rock! You cant get away with bullshit genres that don't even sound like the actual genre you're trying to modify!
Love Metal is a load of bullshit and anyone that thinks it's a genre has no brain.
by theamazingbender November 15, 2006

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