2 definitions by the_womb_ferret

The act of getting a hand job in the back seat of a car while your mom is in the front seat of the car.
Ayo Kev, did you hear about that kid who got herreled by his boyfriend.
by the_womb_ferret May 01, 2009
Muscle in a woman's vagina that is able to clamp on to anything, including penises, bottles, vibrators, and animals.

It is said that no man has ever broken free from this death grip.
It is also said that after the clamp is in place, the vagina engulfs the victim and eat him/her alive.
After having unpleasing sex with Madonna, man men have never been seen again. It is because they have been eaten by the beaver muscle.
by the_womb_ferret May 09, 2009

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