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Personally, not my cup of tea. I wouldn't really call them punk, as they are more rock. I can see why people like them, but personally I don't think they're all that great. They have some good songs, but try too hard to be rebellious. Honestly sometimes I think that they are making fun of punk rock. I think they kind of try to be like Anti-Flag and Pennywise (real good punk bands) but instead it comes out sounding like pop music. That' s what it is. Pop music.
green day is an okay band.
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 06, 2011
The word with the most definitions on Urbandictionary.com/
Little bratty boy: What is sex?
Big bratty boy: Look it up on Urbandictionary.com
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 06, 2011
A punk band from Kenosha Michigan. It was created when the members were but eight years old. It was then called Say What. They released three albums, Hangnail, Facing Changes, and Transparent before breaking up in 2003. The released two Eps, The Acoustic EP and Hangnail, which are both very rare.
Sean: My favorite band is Hangnail!
Ben: Who the hell are they?
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 05, 2011
Something people use to get high. Most religious people don't use it, although many do. It is a personal choice (although I don't believe in them). They are natural, but are rather unhealthy.
Sean: Why is that kid screwing that chipmunk?
Evan: Drugs, probably
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 10, 2011
A singer, with maybe slight talent. His musical ability is actually kind of enjoyable. But it is ruined by his lack of ability for lyric writing. He often is hated for being a "pussy" which isn't the kindest thing to say ever. 90% of his fan base are 13 year old girls, the rest are 3 year old girls.
Boy: That music is kinda catchy. Who is it?
Girl: Justin Bieber
Boy: oh... nevermind
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey June 26, 2011

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