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A person who quickly buys into and acts on media or marketing hype.
HM1: Did you hear about the new $600 4G phone? It totally puts my $550 3G phone to shame.
HM2: I heard it gets 5% faster download rates and has copy-paste now!
HM1: Let's throw out our old phones and buy these new ones!

Casual Observer: What a couple of hype monkeys.
by the_sloner November 10, 2010
Badder than badass, and radder than radical.
Joe just punched a douchebag in the face while riding a motorcycle, playing an electric guitar, and asking out said douchebag's girlfriend. She obliged, of course. It was bad radical.
by the_sloner June 03, 2010
An expression of high approval.
Bill: I think we should stop by the fireworks store on the way home.
Tom: Digness.
by the_sloner June 17, 2010
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