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Dispite sounding offensive the term 'Wanker Hands' is actually a endearing and affectionate phrase commonly used in North West of England to describe someone who has very nice hands.
Me; I see you've got Wanker Hands.
You; Why thank you. I grew them myself.
#wanker #hands #beautiful #fingers #affectionate
by the_riveria_kid December 09, 2010
Emp Peperami is the storage of Peperami (the sausage based snack) for use in a disaster event such as and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) disaster.
Andy: "Theres a black out in our street I best open my EMP Peperami".

Me: "Sound".
#peperami #emp #disaster #food #storage
by the_riveria_kid February 23, 2011
When a large amount of awesome marketing can or has taken place.
We are going to go Marketingmungous on this new product launch!
#marketing #awesome #mungous #market #pr
by the_riveria_kid October 06, 2010
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