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5 definitions by the_lifeguard

V. In act in which you switch a song to Tae Yang. a big pop-star from South Korea.

Popular songs- Wedding dress, and I need a girl.
Mary-" who the hell switched it to this?"

Cherry-" you just got Tae Yanged, bitch!"
by the_lifeguard November 16, 2010
13 3
A guy usually a Supreme Souls who wears a tool tank and rides a bike with no speeds and brakes as a trend. This bike and biker is usually colorful. Fixie faggots will often ride in packs.
Jay: " You see that fixie faggot loose?"

mike: " the one who ate shit to my Trek?"
by the_lifeguard November 16, 2010
8 8
When you go out on Thirsty Thursdays wearing your favorite Tool Tank.
mike: " Bro you going out for Tool Tank Thirsty Thursdays?"

jon: " already got mines on "
by the_lifeguard November 15, 2010
0 1
The Act of being down. Ready. Good. To go

Popular-ed by the Hit song, "Down" by Jay Sean.
Cherry- " Hey there's this party on Saturday, down?"

Dan-" I'm Down like Jay Sean"
by the_lifeguard November 16, 2010
2 4
After some one says " no Homo" you say " no hetero" to be funny, because you're not really gay.
Dan: " Man just stick it in. No homo"

Mike: " no Hetero"

Dan: walks out*
by the_lifeguard November 15, 2010
3 10