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To expel vomit over one's shoulder without breaking conversation, and continue like nothing happened.
I went to a party last night and I Roy'd everywhere. Thankfully I don't think anybody noticed.
by the_internet October 09, 2011
ASL is a term constantly used on the internet, especially on websites such as Omegle. It is basically a means of finding out the other person's age, sex and location. It is also the mating call of the horny male.

If you reply saying you are another male, one of two things will happen. They will instantly disconnect or ask if you are bisexual.

The only safe way to avoid these situations is to disconnect as soon as someone says ASL, for it will most likely be a male on the hunt for naive teenage girls.

You: Hi
Stranger: ASL
You: Can't we just talk
Stranger: I'm 21, male, Indian
Stranger: ASL?
You: Fuck you
Stranger has disconnected.


Stranger: ASL
You: 17, male, Australia
Stranger has disconnected.


Stranger: ASL
You: Hiii, I'm 15, girl and from Cali
Stranger: i am 19 male Hisbekistan
Stranger: r u playin with yourself
You have disconnected.
by The_Internet December 08, 2013

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