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1 definition by the_drug_dabbler

Hells bells is moring glory flowers made into a tea
i did hells bells
i was at a skate park i drank the drink they told me it would take an hour to kick in it hit me in ten minutes i blacked out. i started puking. i thought i was drawing on the ground with a piece of chalk but in reality there was already a drawing there and i thought i was drwing it. when i was blackedout a childrens hocky game started going on. 8 parents called the cops on me. me and my best friend were taken to the hospital. i had a 10% chance of living. they pumped my stomach. i was in the hospital for 3 days. i thought my iv was my bellybutton ring. my mothers name is susie and i was calling her rachel and i didnt no who she was and i was telling her to get the fuck out of my hospital room. i thought i had my laptop in my lap and that i was on myspace. i thought my hospital bed was a window i had to climb out of to get out of the hospital. at one point i thought i had to pee so a cop took me to the bathroom i didnt no how to pee and i just got naked. and finally when i got home my dad asked me so kylee what did u do this weekend i said ohh i was just at the skate park. i had no memory of any of it what so ever. i didnt realize what had happend untill i saw the hospital braclet.
damn she almost died from those hells bells
by the_drug_dabbler June 26, 2009