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A.K.A Ex-Girlfriend, wench, the slut, that whore.

Psychobitches are born and bred in all places of the world. Usually psychobitches from birth, they will destroy your life, tell you what to do - winge and nag when it isn't needed.

All psychobitches should be put down at birth to prevent spreading of their disease.
"I hate that bitch, she fucked me over... damn hormones turned a great girl into a PSYCHOBITCH"
by the_dawk_father July 22, 2006
1. Someone of Melbourne Western Suburbian Decent,
2. Dawk is accented in the bogan australian language for 'dog' because dawks lack the ability to call someone a dog due to their convict like heritage
eg: "I'll smash the dawk, fuckin cunt stole my socks"
by the_dawk_father July 19, 2006

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