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Someone who reminds you of Milton from Office Space.
This person will most likely have little or no social skills. This person may also, if you are in school, argue with your teacher over something dumb or, if you are in the workforce, will be hated by everyone in the office.
1- "Is the guy reading a programing robotics book for fun?"
2 -"From the lookes of it yes."
1 -"God bless, he is such a stapler kid."
by the_calculus_kid October 24, 2010
A derogatory name for East Wake High School. Mainly a play on words but also because everything East Wake has is shitty. Also called this because all of the principals a retarded rules that no one wants or does follow.
One, of the many, of the senior of 2010's pranks included spray painting the school banner from East Wake High School Home of the Warriors to East Wak High School Home of the Whores.

by the_calculus_kid October 26, 2010
Acronym for big floppy dildo or big fucking dildo
Used among lesbians and homosexual men.
Son of a bitch I lost my dildo.
Which one?
The BFD one
by the_calculus_kid November 02, 2010

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