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The part of a car where you put dead bodies. Some people buy a car based on the size of the trunk. The larger the trunk, the more bodies you can fit in the trunk.
(At a car dealer, viewing a new car..)
Melvin- "Lets see mow much trunk space this new sedan has..."

Salesman Bender- "Alrighty then" (pops the trunk of the new car)

Melvin- "I can fit at about.. 4 bodies in there. Its perfect"

Salesman Bender- "Lets go fill out the paperwork and maybe have some peppermint schnapps, eh?"
by The_Buddy November 15, 2010
What fancy people call water.
Dart- "Hey Boyd, wheres all the pellegrino?"

Boyd- "Wheres the what now?

Dart- "Ya know, the water, im thirsty after i ate the rest of the generic fritos and rice"

Boyd- "Just call it water next time, dill hole"
by The_Buddy January 08, 2012
The food of the Sea.
Millions of Shrimp inhabit the blue waters of the world. It is a delicious food to eat. In the words of Bubba Blue, you can make shrimp stir fry, shrimp gumbo, shrimp salad, bbq shrimp, broiled shrimp, boiled shrimp, baked shrimp, sauteed shrimp, shrimp kabobs, shrimp creole, deep fried shrimp, pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp with potatoes, or a shrimp sandwich.
by The_Buddy January 11, 2010
The sediment and/or particles of whatever you're eating that ends up in your drink.
William- "Hey Sven, what are those floatin' things in your cup of Perrier?"

Sven- "Just some backwash of water chestnut and sesame"

William- "Why on gods green earth were you eating water chestnuts and sesame seeds?"

Sven- "I.. dont.. know..."
by The_Buddy August 17, 2011
Light beer.
Carl- "Hey, Chuck, is there any high-life left?"

Chuck- "No, sorry just a six pack of piss water somebody left in the fridge"

Carl- "Oh. Yeah i'm defiantly not a fan of that piss water so called Nattie Light"
by The_Buddy December 31, 2009
Day-to-day clothing. Opposite of a work uniform/attire.
Melbin Toast- "Woah, check out John in his streets, i didn't know he wore slacks."

Seymour Duncan- "Yeah its odd to see him in his streets, im used to seeing him in only a white shirt and tie."

Melbin Toast- "I wonder when John is at home if his family says 'Hey look at dad in his works!' "

Seymour- "..."
by The_Buddy January 14, 2012
The human tuckus (a.k.a. butt). Plain and simple.
That fart came out of Johnny's brownie gun so loud and obscure that Bill Cosby asked if there was a load in his pants
by The_Buddy November 21, 2010

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