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to urinate
Trevor was very keen to take Tracy, but couldn't perform 'cos he badly needed to water the horse
by theWestHamfan November 03, 2003
a group of stuttering lesbians
sylvie said "i'd l l l la la la like to d d da da do that"
"are y y y ya ya you in th th tha the clitty clitty clan clan clan th th tha then?" replied the next door neighbour.
by theWestHamfan January 18, 2004
a rentboy or young male prostitute
everyone thought it was alec's grandson visiting him. could it be his gloyboy?
by theWestHamfan December 25, 2003
a penis that never becomes fully erect, even during ejaculation
brittney was VERY dissapointed. she expected a throbber and he only had a conger eel
by theWestHamfan November 17, 2003
a penis that suffers with spontaneous erections
"yes, your honour, I saw him running through Epping Forest, in broad daylight, with 10 inches of uncontrollable flesh, sticking out in front of him. It resembled a lance."
by theWestHamfan October 29, 2003
1. large grey/brown beetle
2. a woman with a dried up vagina
1. "oi sean, me old mate, is that cockchafer in bed with you?"
2. "oi sean, me old mate are you gonna be SORE! you're in bed with thunderthighs the old cockchafer
by theWestHamfan December 10, 2003
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