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A Cali suburban high school with a bunch of wealthy kids with perfect lawns and houses out of the movie The Stepford Wives.
Everyone here parties all day ere'day. A lot of kids go to Pacific Bay or Whole Foods on Wednesday. Other typical hangout/shopping spots include Chipotle, Buckhorn, H&M, Forever 21, and Nordstrom where they Instagram away. Most kids adhere to a "dress code" which includes some type of designer denim, bball shorts, sheer shirt, bandeau, vans, flats, boots, and beats by Dr. Dre.
Winter break or a long weekend means a trip to Tahoe where most kids own a cabin or some tropical location like Hawaii. The preppies, jocks, and socially capable people eat in the rally court while hipsters sit near the theatre or in the journalism room along with some normal people (aka a little less preppy than prep). Oh don't get the theatre lawn confused with the senior lawn which faces the rally court and is forbidden territory to anyone who is not a senior. Girls who were once intimidating and bitchy in middle school sit in the cafeteria along with the skaters and the "ghetto" crowd who try with their True Religion jeans and snapbacks.
Some teachers are pretty chill like the Japanese teacher and AP US teacher/football coach, while others (PE, science department) are just weird. Most people take their grades seriously and a lot end up going to a UC after graduation. Of course, there's always a few geniuses in each grade who get into Harvard or another Ivy League.
Preps/Jocks: Let's go down to Michael's tonight and get hammerrrred! Then tomorrow we can go to Neiman Marcus and shop to ease the hangover!

Leadership Crew: Hey ya'll, it's spring fling week at las lomas high school! (nobody will ever care about spring fling week) Time to get your game face on and support your grade in the lunchtime activity today.

Hipsters: I stole some of my daddies money and got some weed. Let's go listen to shitty techno music while we smoke it in the Shell Ridge Open Space.

Weirdoes: Let's go creep on some of the freshmen girls.
by theWC February 04, 2013

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