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Two dicks, one shoe-horn!
Jarrad - I used to use a shoe-horn to hold my dick up while shaving my balls, Now with my new Innovation i can hold up my mates dick while he shaves his balls as well!
by TheTrooper October 07, 2007
As a man, your third baseman is the only other man that you would a have a threesome with thus making it you, the girl and of course your third baseman. Most of the time this person would be you best friend, your bro, or someone you are close to and have known for a while. Your third baseman is someone who wouldn't judge and someone who you know that won't make it weird or awkward afterwards.
Girl: the only way I'm having a threesome is if its with two guys,
Guy: alright Im in
Girl: better get your third baseman
by theTrooper January 09, 2013
The individual who fails or takes fault for the greater good of the community
In Blackjack, the man or woman who purposefully busts so that the majority of the table can win.

The friend who hooks up with the ugly girl so that his friends can get it in.

"What a trooper!!"
by thetrooper July 01, 2013

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