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We all know somone who continually dribbles verbal diarrhea also known as bullshit. These people suffer from Balls Syndrome. The individual cannot refrain from constantly stirring family, friends and co-workers.
Dude comes to work and says to co-workers:

"Hey fellas, have you heard of the Phillips Factor, I know this bloke who bought a take away cheese burger. When he bit into it 5 roaches jumped out. The guy then spat out the burger and snatched up his coke and skulled it unawares that one of the fleeing roaches landed in his coke and was doing the backsroke. After realising he swallowed a roach he then chucked on a waitress who then spewed on him...... true story"

This guy has Balls Syndrome.
by theTAman October 26, 2010

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