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1 definition by theRayRaylove

most scene girls have big layered hair, usualy black or bleach blond with tons of colors and bows. they usualy ware colorful skinny jeens and band t-shirts. usualy, there clothing consists of neon colors, fingerless gloves, and convers. fake pearls have become very popular with scene girls.

the scene male usualy dress darker. they usualy have dark hair with side bangs that covers one of there eyes and sometimes with color in it. they also usualy ware skinny jeens and band t's.

all scene styles are different. the most populated scene state is NJ. concerts are popular places for scenes to hang out at. most scenes, no mader where they live and what gender, has face peircings (nose, eye brow, snake bites) and dark eye makeup. the girls usualy have more dark, heavy makeup, but some scene boys do ware a little guyliner.

a HUGE part of scenesters (people who are scene) is the music. a lot of people confuse scene and emo because the styles are similer, but the biggest difference is the music. emos lisen to mor emotional music, but scenes lisen to mor HxC (hardcore) music such as scremo or heave matel. another difference between emos and scenes is there personalitys. scenes are happyer, funner, and ware brighter colors.

scenes care a lot about there looks and being cute, but most of them arnt as vein and self sentered as some people say. even though we scenesters care about our looks, we still can be very nice and fun to be around.
heyy wuz up meh scene friends?!??!?
by theRayRaylove July 13, 2010