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Frontman for Limp Bizkit. Doesnt give a fuck what you think about him, because he is that damn cool.
You say that you hate Fred and you hate Limp Bizkit in front of your friends and shit, but you know you love em, why do you think they sell out concerts all over the fucking world, their cd's have gone 5x platinum, etc.. In short, if you say that you hate Limp Bizkit because its cool to hate, then you are just a follower to what thinks and you cant think for yourself.
by theOne5590 February 25, 2005
Former Guitarist for Limp Bizkit. Left and the original guitarist Wes Borland came back. Mike Smith is currently in a band called "Tommyhate".
Mike Smith is an ok guitarist, but Wes is much better
by theOne5590 February 25, 2005

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