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giving off an uncomfortable, perverted vibe.
Ugh, my neighbor is such a pervert. He keeps looking over here, he's very molestious.
by theMothershed July 06, 2011
The act of allowing one's emotional sensitivity to jump a train to nutsville, hindering any human interaction impossible and usually followed by strange and irrational stunts of some kind.
Liz: What happened with you and Suzy?

Beth: I'm not sure, after the match I said "it's ok, You'll do better next time" and she went all Psycho Sensitive and started screaming and making threats to sodomize my cat with a pineapple!
by theMothershed February 01, 2011
The final stop on the crazy train. Way outside of reality in a ridiculous fashion.
That bitch took a one way ride to nutsville.
by theMothershed February 01, 2011
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