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To beat an opponant comfortably. In soccer terms, its equivelent to a goal difference of 4 between teams.
'haha,you got taken to the woodshed!!! '
'lol he got woodsheded!'
by theMaddog October 13, 2005
A British Victorian era word for vagina.
"I just spunked in ye mum's gunkouse last night."
by TheMadDog May 06, 2014
A double woodshed, oe the basic total destruction of an opponent. In soccer terms its an 8 goal difference between teams. see also Putting on a clinic and taken to school
'hahah you got totally bummed at pro ev! it was a double woodshed, no wait, it was a woodhouse!'
by theMaddog October 13, 2005
A real fat bastard, often a pie merchant.
'you fat boffer'
Or, just look at someone and say 'boffer'
by theMaddog October 13, 2005

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