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Home to every white trash redneck who can't afford Baton Rouge. Houses the trashiest segment of people in the 225. These people are very racist.

The Texas Club has Livingston Parish to thank for almost 99% of their business.

Crystal Meth is the drug of choice for these underpaid, overworked baboons.

Ugly, fat, over-tattooed and pierced people in WalMart are referred to as "LPNs" Livingston Parish Natives.

The LP is the armpit of the Capital Region.
LPN 1 - "Hey ya'll! Let's cook some Meth then go to the T-club!"

LPN 2 - "I can't my 14 year old sister is havin' her baby tonight. Guess we gon' have to drive up into Baton Rouge to see her. I hate goin' up in there, too many niggers."

LPN 1 - *Spit's dip out* "I hate a nigger, that's one thing that's for sure. That's why I live in Livingston Parish."
by theLPsucks May 22, 2009

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