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Massive under-arm sweat stains.
Damn, it's hot in here - check out these Trussels that I've got working.
by theKapn June 13, 2007
The odd phenomenon whereby the bowels stop operating during travel causing massive "backlog" if you will.

Typically the phenomenon can be attributed to poor eating habits while away from home (fast food and the like), but there have been isolated reports of a pre-emptive plug happening the day before departure or the day of, thus debunking diet as the sole cause.
I drove to Gulf Shores with the family last week. Thanks to the travel plug, I didn't crap the entire time. When I got home - wow.......just wow.....
by theKapn December 07, 2007
Acronym: Fire Ass Liquid Poop Explosion

Pronunciation: 'fowl-pee

What happens when you choose poorly at lunchtime.

Runs of the worst kind.
I guess 3 bean burritos with hot sauce was a bad idea. I barely made it to the crapper before the FALPE arrived.
by theKapn August 29, 2007

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