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A terrible example of a human being that sacrificed numerous other people (ruining their lives in the process) to obtain a self serving goal.
If corporate America had a slogan it would be Liestrong.
by theJexster January 16, 2013
An MMA fan who hates the UFC because it is popular.

MMA hipsters will claim any fighter who is not in the UFC is superior to any fighter in the UFC, simply because they are not in the UFC.
UFC Fan: Tim Sylvia hasn't looked the same since leaving the UFC.

MMA Hipster: Are you kidding, he is way better now. He would easilly tear through anyone in the UFC HW division.
by theJexster January 28, 2011
After sending someone a text they reply to you. Expecting some relevant infomation you check the message only to realize they simply replied with "K", which is unnecessary, a waste of your time, and a hit to your expectations.

K-Bombers are unfamiliar with today's technology and do not realize the general rule for texting is a text sent is a text recieved.
My Text: I'll pick you up on 20 minutes.

Reply Text: K

Me after checking the text: K-Bombed again!
by TheJexster May 31, 2012

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