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What most people experience when they go on American Idol(before Paula and Simon left:

1. Enter the rehersal thinking you will actually win

2. Start singing like a dying animal and get cut off early by Simon

3. Get told you suck in a nice way by Paula

4. get called a dog by randy

5. get called absolute rubbish by simon

6. walk out swearing swearing and crying for some strange reason. you should have expected this

7. get blocked out by the little blue sign while all of america laughs at your failure and lack of talent

8. swear you will come back and/or prove the judges wrong
9. come back next year and repeat
Dave went through the idol cycle embarrassed himself
by theG6 February 05, 2011
The act of putting off something like school work by playing video games. Very popular among highschool students. Similar to procrasturbating except with video games.
Johnny is always Procrastorgaming so he never finishes his homework.
by theG6 February 08, 2011
When a school calls a snow day before the day before. The next day there is absolutely no snow and and the weather is perfect.

combination of snowday and no "Snoday"
Our school called a Snoday so i rode my bike on the day off.
by theG6 February 08, 2011

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