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6 definitions by theDuke

Something that is not funny at all and makes me angry when a girl does to a guy and she thinks its funny and then she brags about it with her fellow women friends. NOT FUNNY. hurts like hell
What happened to me in the 7th grade
by theDuke October 13, 2004
Generally someone whose actions would lead one to believe that the person is using crack cocaine due to the stupidity or messed-up-ness of their actions.
Used to describe something stupid, messed up or to express frustration with something
Man, you on crack! You will never get with that chick.

That biology report is on crack man.

Dude, Ms. Stanton's on crack! She gave me a friggen C+!!!
by TheDuke January 25, 2005
when a guy takes a piss outside. It is one of the most pleasureable things to do with your penis outside of teh big easy.
I took an outdoor piss all over that trash can
by TheDuke March 24, 2005
When a guy tries to go as far away as possible from the toilet or urinal while pissing. Involves a rapid return to normal range if one doesnt wish to piss on the ground after the pressure subsides.
I'll give you a hint: A 45 degree angle is the optimum angle for your cock to achieve distance. (incidentally this is the same for throwing a ball or shooting a gun)
by TheDuke March 24, 2005
a type of girl who is popular and usually self centered. When you think about them you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you are jealous of their car and social status but you don't want to be them. Often self-degraded and stupid, can be sexually jaded.
The girl who I used to think was my girlfriend
by TheDuke October 12, 2004
Fact: Boys’ Latin is the world’s greatest lax institute in America. We have produced more Division I athletes for lacrosse than any other program. We had 4 captains in the 2004 final fours. ON DIFFERENT TEAMS. We are a family that belongs to a 220 man country club. Dress code is: mullets, raggedy old plaid jackets, pink pants, and white loafers. And that’s the only acceptable way to dress. It’s a place where we drink a beer with the old lax coach or hit it with him on the links. It’s a place where we throw sweedish fish in Billy’s fish tank and watch him freak out. WE like to bother the uptight teachers but we keep it real with the DUKE! BL is a home away from home. Some even call it home. WE have teachers who are pushing 100, Mr. Bowling Whoaa, Get OOOUT!. BL is a place where we grow up and get neighboring houses with your best buds. A place where your family becomes a legacy over the generations. BL is a place that will give you memories to last a life time.
As one would have to end with...LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!
by THEDUKE May 05, 2005