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1 definition by theBurbite

Without any racism intended, it is a failure... a failure in multiple areas of life (not just career). It is one who lets their pants sag. One who should evacuate the city at the earliest possible convenience to live a meaningful, fruitful and experience-rich life. One who emulates the mannerisms, language, and fashions associated with African-American culture, particularly hip hop in the United States or the Grime/Garage scene in Britain. A failed attempt at cultural appropriation. One who gets no fulfillment from work. One who is the weakest link in a friendship network, usually the "mooch" & one who is in debt or utilizes debt. One with no discipline, no true culture, no progress, no patience, no responsibility, no honor, no dignity & no respect. One who believes in the melting pot theory, that old blasphemous, gene-mutating perversion which permanently disfigures their offspring for ten generations. One who believes in immediate self gratification. One who is expecting the government to deliver food stamps and/or financial aid. A complete loser in ever sense of the word.
No, I will not move to Philly. It's filled with crime, drugs, allophillia & urbanites. We'll stay in Hockessin or we're threw.
by theBurbite August 27, 2012