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A 5th dimensional occurrence; a time/space continuum of reality as the perfect experience of connection to Source, the Original Creator of All that Is. The continuous experience of ever-present Love thematically expressed, shared and represented in every Moment, every Creation and every Relationship.

Presence on the Loving Timeline brings about feelings of Joy, Gratitude, Compassion, Bliss... Grace with ease in all situations... Brilliant inspiration with follow through to complete fruition and success.

Living fully in the garden of Heaven on Earth...
Through diligent forgiveness and release she was able to activate the Loving Timeline.

The Lawyer could tell his meditation practice was working when the Loving Timeline opened to him this morning presenting a peaceful resolution and winning solution for ALL involved parties.
by theBuffaloDiaries December 09, 2010
Cohesion + Consistency = Cohistency

A consistent and cohesive experience of Conscious consciousness and compassion on the Loving Timeline.

a variation, Cohistently.
His compassionate cohistency was apparent through the entirety of the stressful situation.

I have found the momentum that brings cohistency to my life.

She was cohistently in the right place at the right time for success.
by theBuffaloDiaries December 09, 2010

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