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A linguistic device of such cunning that all females are reduced to moans and squeals during it's application.
"You may be a masterdebator but I'm a cunninglinguist."
"You mean cunnilingus?"
"That's what she said."
by the79bomb October 07, 2009
The proper way to order more Sake at a Japanese restaurant while subtly indicating to the waitress that she should probably not serve you any more alcohol.
"Would you boys like some more Sake?"
"Sakeittome Baby!"
by the79bomb October 07, 2009
Colloquialization of "You bet your ass" indicating that said event is so sure to occur that you can safely bet your own ass on the matter without worry. This is meant as a metaphor and implies no prejudice concerning the actual weight of said ass.
"Dude that chicks done nothing but stare at you all night. "You gonna ask her out?"

by the79bomb October 07, 2009
A person who is so stupid that they have taken the word moron to such an extreme that it flipped over.
Brainwashed spineless degenerate: "I really believe Obama's going to fix all my problems. I'm so glad I voted for him"

The working man realizing the only change is now everyone's as broke as the people who voted for him: "You're such an onmore - He's Fade from Dune you shitferbrains"
by the79bomb October 07, 2009
To take a really fat dump, pinch a loaf, or otherwise defecate in a porcelain receptacle.
"Dude, where ya going?"
"I must pay homage to the porcelain altar."
by the79bomb October 07, 2009
That friend who never eats sushi but always has fish breath. Usually unattractive but never seems to have trouble with the ladies.
"How does Rudolfo do it. "That chick has bigger tits than the last 3 combined!"

"He's a tunatongue my friend".
by the79bomb October 07, 2009
A slang term used to refer to a girl you have recently slipped wood to for the first time - "New In (her) Box"
"So, how's it going with Cortney?"
"Yea, I NIB'd her last night."
"Gimme five."
by the79bomb October 07, 2009

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