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the kind of shotgun shell that is used to kill large game and people. it's what police and criminals use in their shotguns to kill humans. it comes in different sizes, the smaller the shot, the greater number of pellets. #4 buckshot pellet is about the size and velocity of a .22lr. there are 27 pellets in one round of #4 buckshot. 00 buckshot has larger pellets but only has 9-12 pellets per shell.
1 round of buckshot to the head is pretty messy.

me killa/ with the buckshot imma peal ya/
layzie bone "mo murda"
by the-sawed-off-gangsta April 24, 2006
gun company that mainly makes double action combat revolvers, but still make semi-automatic handguns. famous for the model 629 a stainless model of the 29, seen in the movie "dirty harry" chambered in the infamous .44 magnum round. they also make the 686 wich is a .357 magnum.
my smith & wesson 629 is better than your glock 17 because it's just as quick to reload with speedloaders, and it's a much more powerful caliber.
by the-sawed-off-gangsta April 24, 2006
possibly the greatest rap song ever (if not the greatest song period). off of bone thugs n harmony's "creepin on ah come up" it featured flesh n bone, layzie bone, eazy e, bizzy bone and krayzie bone. wish wasnt in it. it's not like alot of rap nowdays that give rap a bad name.
the verses on foe the love of $ and the beat went with the song perfectly, and being that bone thugs are the greatest rappers alive, it was just so smoothe, its just a great song.

those 5 true thugs from the double glock have talent. not like these studio gangsters nowdays.
by the-sawed-off-gangsta April 24, 2006
a talentless wigger rapper from memphis who's dead now.
playa fly is better than that dead, talentless wigger, lil wyte and any other current member of the cocksucking triple bitch mafia.
by the-sawed-off-gangsta April 24, 2006

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