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The act of grasping a girls ass and pussy at the same time. Your thumb is on her ass and the remaining fingers are on her pussy.
I met this girl at a club and when she turned to get a drink I gave her the Lobster Claw. Instead of getting a drink, she pulled me into the bathroom where I not only Lobster Clawed her somemore, but did it with her pants off.
#lobster #ass #pussy #claw #squeeze #booty
by the wrEcKless 1 January 04, 2011
To lick your thumb and stick it in a girls ass while doing her doggy style.
No matter how many girls I thig, they all love it and ask for more!
#ass #booty #doggy style #anus #thumb
by the wrEcKless 1 January 12, 2010
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