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5 definitions by the wordmaster

an individual characterized with excessive hyperactivity, unbridled cheerfulness, and a penchant for loose physical contacts.
You're such a dirty minjung.
Stop being such a dirty minjung.
I wouldn't sleep with you if you were the last dirty minjung on earth!
by the wordmaster February 01, 2004
The fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is staring at you
Man: I suffer from antidiaphobia
Duck: I'm staring at you
by The WordMaster July 30, 2003
A game involving the throwing of wet tennis balls against other people's backs thus making the sound schlock.
Person A: let's have a game of schlock ball.
Person B: Fuck Off!
by The WordMaster May 24, 2003
A group of more than 2 people that take a selfie.
Selfie-1 person
Usie- 2 people
Weie- 3+ people
Miley- Lets take an usie
Gaga- With us and Jennifer Lopez over there it is a weie
by The wordmaster April 08, 2014
The sound of a wet tennis ball hitting someone in the back
Person A: Hehe. See that guy down there.
Guy Dow There's Back: Schlock!
by The WordMaster May 24, 2003