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occur when the side burns are cut even with the top of the curl of the ear or shorter. Sightings are primarily in rural and suburban areas, but every once and a while urban sightings happen.
Omg that hill billy has some "negative sideburns".
#negative #- #toledo #sideburns #negative sideburns
by the wolf-man November 20, 2008
W. Philip Target II is the CEO and founder of Target Corp.
You have heard of Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. of Walgreens, Fred Meijer of Meijers, Sam Walton of Wal-Mart. No one gives any credit to the man who thinks you should "Expect More and Pay less". This man is a retail genius, his name is Phil Target. People everywhere are butchering his family name and pronouncing it like it is French. It's time to give this man credit. . .I present to you W. Philip Target II.
#target #stores #retail #products #prices #department stores
by the wolf-man February 12, 2008
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