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Once, in a time long ago, a time called the 90s. There was a channel, it's name was Nickelodeon. It ruled all cartoon channels in that long ago era. With shows like Rugrats, pete and pete, AHHH real monsters, doug, and one of it's final great shows, invader zim. From the era spaning 1990 to 2003 it was the suprime cartoon channel. But after the end of the 20th century nickeldoeon started to go down a dark path. canceling all it's great shows and replaceing them with bad animated shows and aweful teen shows. Around 2003 nickelodeon tried to make a come back with invader zim, but the new generation of 7-year old teen wanna bees soon dismissed the show. Today nickelodeon is down a path it can never return from...
Never forget the shows you grew up with. Never forget that era.... Nickelodeon 1990-2003
by the wise teller of tv December 05, 2007

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