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Measurements of the "hot and horny" shawty that Nelly wants to take home in "Ride Wit Me". 36 refers to the fine lady's bust, the 25 to her slim waist, and the 34 to her curvy hips. The measuremenmts are all in inches. It has been said the perfect measurements for a woman are 36-24-36, and this girl is pretty close.
Sayin she was peepin and "I dig the last video"
So when "Nelly, can we go", how could I tell her no?
Her measurements were 36-25-34
by the wickedest September 18, 2006
Terry towelling is a soft material that is often used in baby nappies (or diapers).

By labelling someone a "terry cloth" you are indeed accusing them of being "very soft", or as eloquently put by Jim Jones at the end of Hate Me Now (a Nas diss by Cam'Ron ft Jim Jones), a "pussy ass nigga wit a dick".

Dipset bitch!

"You a terry cloth / That means very soft"
by the wickedest June 06, 2007
A very good rapper who is hated on by people who desperatley want to win affection from 50 Cent. Even though they will never meet 50 Cent they will buy a vibrator, and have "Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson" engraved on it, then stick it up their faggot asses while they suck their best mate's dick.
In conclusion, only diss rappers if you have actually heard a good deal of their songs, you ignorant motherfuckers.
Fag #1: I hate on Ja Rule coz it might help me get to suck 50's cock someday.

Fag #2: But ya never gonna meet 50 so what's the point. Just suck on my dick.

Me: Yo faggot haters... (Shoots the faggot haters and cruises off)
by the wickedest September 22, 2006

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