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a word that in old english is derived from a latin term nergho meaning ignorant, foolish, uneducated, that has very little to do with race or origin but has been deemed a term for african americans due to the lack of education they recieved in the 1800's and early to mid 1900's before the civil rights movement. in current times most african americans have more access and more funding for education than any other race on the planet but still choose to retain thier cultural diversity, therefore still deserving and retaining the term "nigger" which still means ignorant. less the degree of obsenity and volume used by these people on a regular basis, they are still people and this word is but yet a word and does not need to be displayed toward any paticular race but needs to be returned to its original status and not taboo. a nigger is an ignorant cock sucker that is loud and uneducated, without bounds, and worthless to society.
wow, that nigger just kicked him in the balls and brought his friends to help, only a nigger fights like that.
by the white gman December 13, 2006

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