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A species that is more exotic then one can ever imagine.
Jonny: Man those woman over there are beyond beautiful, I wonder where they are from?
Kevin: Those are Romanian Women. They are so beautiful it boggles your mind.
by The Whisperer April 04, 2013
Expression used to accentuate fabulous. When something is more then just fabulous. It is divine. It is untouchable. When your age, race, religion, social economic standing and marital status are not indicators of your past, present or future. It does not define you. You are just out of this world and there will never be another. Real Housewife of Atlanta and Miss Former USA Kenya Moore came up with the expression and it is picking up heat. Her legacy is untouchable.
-Kenya Moore is Gone with the Wind Fabulous.

-Im not just fabulous Im Gone with the Wind Fabulous.
by the whisperer January 21, 2013
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