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Beyond superior. What we all strive to be.
Man. I hope that one day I can be like the vooch.

Or, Dad, you got drunk again and missed my soccer game? Why can't you be more like the vooch.

Or, Oh, Reginald. I don't know what else to do. It's just so limp. I just ... I just wish it could get hard, I wish it could be as large as the vooch's.
by the vooch October 19, 2004
A complete and utter fool. Laughable. Incomprehensible.
George Bush is a pee-pee head
by the vooch October 19, 2004
A buffoon. An idiot. Typically this word is clausally laced with other profanities.
You roger shitneck motherfucker, quit shitting on the floor.

You're such a fucking roger shitneck. Now get our troops out of Iraq, (p)resident Bush.
by the vooch October 20, 2004
Licking someone else's anus. see also tossed salad
We drank too much. A couple of hours later. His pants were at his ankles and he was humming the theme song to the A Team. I was on my knees, square dancing with jerry bruckheimer.
by the vooch October 18, 2004
the coolest guy in the world (for the mentally challenged).
Hey Wagry. Wagry. Let's play some basketball. C'mon Wagry. Play basketball with me.
by the vooch October 19, 2004
A generic name for a layperson of the U.S. in the late capitalist era. An unquestioning follower of hegemony and imperialism. See also sheep, tool
Man. You're nothing but a Charlie Bobo. Now shut the hell up about how the Iraq war is spreading freedom across the world. This isn't the '70s and this isn't a rehash of the Domino Theory. Charlie. Bobo.
by the vooch October 19, 2004

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