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George w. bush is a neo-nazi, idiot, babyface, retard. Everyone who voted for him was a total brainwashed retard and anyone who thinks he is a good president is simply a fucking idiot. he was a close friend of the taleban and the bin laden family. some people think he was behind 9/11 but he's way too stupid for that. there were never any weapons of mass destruction in iraq he made it up so he could get more oil for america. were the hell would the iraqi people get a nuclear missile? their not smart enough to make it themselves and they couldn't afford to by a stolen one from the russian mafia. george bush just wants to be hitler and he thinks that if he kills a couple of unarmed muslim children he'll be just like him.
george w. bush is a retard
#idiot #retard #neo-nazi #fagot #terrorist
by the voice of wisedom January 14, 2007
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