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2 definitions by the vipper

Pronounced "fod" Fine Ass Hunny Dip. Describing a gorgeous woman. A tennnnnn. Used when confirming an "AFFA" as attractive. A certain code word spoken by men that women have yet to decypher. Originating by students on the campus of Grand Valley State University.
Look at that FAHD. There are so many FAHDs in here. That "AFFA" is a confirmed FAHD.
by the vipper March 24, 2009
"Attractive from far away" When a woman comes into your line of sight from a distance, and appears attractive, she is an affa. When she gets closer, you realize she is only attractive from far away. If she truly is attractive, then she is declared a "FAHD". Originating on the Grand Valley State University campus.
1:Look at that affa in the blue coat.
2:Oh hell yea dude, shes a FAHD.
by the vipper March 24, 2009