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9 definitions by the urbster

A term describing a social gathering involving consumption of Bojangles' chicken n' biscuits. Usually heard at tailgate parties or cookouts.
Brojangles Hey man if your not busy this friday, me and the boys are going early to the football game for some Brojangles.
by The urbster September 15, 2010
10 4
(noun.) the act of playing ultimate frisbee while longboarding and slamming down natty lights. Its a well-known fact that longboarding and natural light define the bro lifestyle, and ultimate frisbee is basically the cherry on top of this brotastic outing with your boys.
ultimate brosbee Dude, you made a nice one handed snag during that righteous game of ultimate brosbee!
by the urbster September 15, 2010
5 1
(noun.) a more eloquent way of expressing ones embarrassing morning wood. Makes the scenario much less awkward for everyone usually due to the comical nature of the term.
morning mahogany

guy#1: dude, you pitchin a tent under there?

guy#2: yeah man, got some intense morning mahogany going on downtown.

guy#1: bahahaha dude youre so freakin funny i forgot how gay you look.
by the urbster September 16, 2010
3 0
(noun.) kankles on a person resulting from over-indulgence in bojangles chicken n biscuits. These calf-ankle-foot hybrids are bittersweet in retrospect. On the one hand you have become a complete non-dateable option to all sober men strictly on the bases of your trunk-like legs. However on the other hand, you did enjoy quite alot of good fried chicken in your day, so hats off to that.
guy#1: dude that girl looked pretty cute.

guy#2: yeah till i spotted those bokankles.
by the urbster September 16, 2010
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(noun.) the monster created when a desperate man goes to a party with 8 wingmen to help him pick up girls. The broctopus is a party-killing machine and must be avoided at all times.

guy#1:"Dude that queer over there is snaggin all the ladies tonight!"

guy#2:"the Broctopus strikes again, man."
by the urbster September 16, 2010
3 3
(noun.) someone who dresses an behaves properly. someone with self-respect, who wakes up every morning well aware of what occured the night before, and never finds himself ashamed of the events he may have taken part in the previous night. This man is the polar opposite of a bro.
guy#1: dude you looked so fresh at the party last night, and volunteering to be the designated driver... totally orb of you.

guy#2: yeah dude once again you looked like a jackass.

guy#1: really? oh man i was so totally schwasted last night!
by the urbster September 16, 2010
8 8
(noun.) Anything and everything that is unappealling, inconvenient, or outright annoying to someone.
Bro 1: I thought we were going to have a good time camping this weekend, and then sucksuckdangit happened.

Bro 2: yeah man that totally blew.
by the urbster September 15, 2010
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