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A political party that 99% consists of

racist rednecks, religious zealots, Idiots, greedy old, rich, white men (oh and the part is 99% white as a whole) and over patriotic people

They own Fox news, "fair and balanced" possibly the biggest joke in the history of jokes. Fox news counts how many times Obama (or any democrat for that matter) says the word "God" and a other number of equally ridiculous things.

I could go on for ages, about the jaw dropping stupidity of the joke of a party but I must stop myself now.

(not there is 1% of alright republicans but again thats just 1%....)
A few Republicans "mind set"

Racist Redneck: "I don't like dem black folks, so im nots gonna vote for no Obamas, He aint even born in des parts, even do theres some mighty fine proof that he was, ahurp durp... yuk hyuk"

religious zealots: " Notice how Obama only said God once?... HES A FUCKIN MUSLEM! I know that he goes to church but well, Im also a racist redneck (see above) so you know

Over Patriotic: See how Obama smiled to that leader of <insert middle eastern country name here>, well hes growing weak, we...do...not...back down! We will bomb every country cause we are America, fuck ya!
by the truth of the people :) September 13, 2012

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