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the standard mating partner to an average suburban bogan often shops at supre and will wear more makeup then is nessesery. moisty vocabulary include "wat cunt", "dardy cuzz" and "ill fuck you for drugs". you can spot a moisty by the general sense of uneasiness, filth and the infamous "belt under tits" or b.u.t for short. the dirtier relative of the "skank" the moisty will often have to deal with 'common life experiences' such as birthing a dead love child into the toilet and will generally have contracted a particularily nasty, mutated form of herpes. a moisty is someone you definately want to have nothing to do with or risk losing all your money, drugs, friends and dignity.
" ohh dude check that moisty over there"
"yeah i can smel the super herpes coming off the moisture running down her legs"

"your mummas so moist she has to wear a scuba suit to stop her from drowning"
by the styles April 27, 2010

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