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When one burps and releases smelly air through their mouth hole in a grotesque way. Often involving a wide open mouth and using a deep voice to say "buh". A way to fulfill the act to 100%, would be to proceed with the act of buh and blow it out the side of your mouth into the face of a close by person.

One variation of the word can be for burping, as said above. When one takes a bite of food or a drink of soda, buh can be said with a burp aiding it, or by itself.

This can also be used for many things. If someone begins to talk about something which is of no interest to you, simply say Buh and it wall all go away.

guy 1: Hey I just got a new bike! It is so co-
guy 2: Buh........

guy 1: *Takes bite of sandwich* Buuuuuhh...... *blows out side of mouth*
guy 2: That smells! You are such a cutie patutie. I fight ya!
by the sock April 25, 2009

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