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A phrase, exponentially worse than 'fuck me', used to express heartfelt displeasure at an unfortunate turn of events.
"By clicking 'yes', I just reformatted my hard drive?! Aaarrggh! CUNT ME!!!"
by the sobsister September 13, 2004
a condition, emanating from the pudenda to encompass the female whole, conducive to lubricious reverie.
"Biff's mother was an attractive woman: pert, petite, well-tended, with an uhn!-uhn! cuntalicious walk that made one's johnson ding-a-ling with pleh-zhah."
by the sobsister May 05, 2004
(adj.) The quality or state of being a twunt, i.e., simultaneously both a twat and a cunt.
Gosh, Mary-Jo is being quite twunty to-day! What manner of insect crawled up her snatch, do you think?
by the sobsister April 03, 2007
the first half of a rhyming phrase with several alternate second halves, all of which connote an activity or a result that is, respectively, simple to perform or achieve.
Tie your shoes? Why that's easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Beat your meat? Why that's easy peasy Japanesey!
As a red-stater, condemn books and films without having read or seen them? Why that's easy peasy puddin'n'pie!
by the sobsister December 09, 2004

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