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Prozactly is the knowing expression uttered when explaining an imbalanced person's actions and your evasive maneuver reactions.
Jane: "So I had to block Lisa from my FB wall cuz she kept commenting about her mess and I'm sick of it."
Joan: "Unfriend! Dislike! Block!"
Jane: "Prozactly"
Him: "So is that, like, how your mom normally acts when she's with a large group of strangers?"
Her: "Prozactly"
by the snorfler February 23, 2010
Sthnoof is the condition of being unable to sniff or smell due to extreme nasal congestion and stuffiness. When one cannot see, they are blind. When one cannot hear, they are deaf. When one cannot speak, they are mute. When one cannot smell, they are sthnoof.
Son: "BOB! Cad I stay home frob school?"
Mom: "What's wrong?"
Son: "I'b dot feeling very good. By head and by throat hurts and I'b coughing and I can't sbell adythig."
Mom: "Are you sthnoof?"
Son: "Baybe a little."
by the snorfler February 23, 2010
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